Missions – A Far and Distant Shore

Synopsis: Upon investigating a strange emissions signal, the Kor discovers a badly damaged alien platform that, once triggered, catapults them into the Delta Quadrant. Determined to return home without having to cross the intervening space, the crew set course for a nearby planetary system that displays similar emission signals to the platform, fighting Kazons on the way.

The source of the emissions proves to be an advanced facility on a planet’s lush surface, deserted save for a large number of Alpha Quadrant citizens locked in stasis chambers. The Kor’s away team revives as many as possible while discovering a means of returning to the Alpha Quadrant – a distant wormhole set on a timer.

After a brief skirmish with unusually hostile local wildlife, the Kor and the rescued Alpha Quadrant citizenry set out for the wormhole’s projected location, only to run foul of the Kazon again. A harrowing battle ensues, and only through bone-jarring piloting and sheer luck does the Kor manage to make it into the wormhole… but not back to its own time.